Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Civic

With all that I have done with The Civic EX project. 

Honda's DOHC VTEC engines have always been a fascination to all Enthusiasts like meDesigned for practicality, it's one of the most recognized, favorite & best engine of all time. I actually had intentions since a long time to optimize the performance of my civic by keeping it a daily drivable, I considered and implemented all essential upgrades necessary to improve the performance, handling with reliability. 

I own this car for more then a decade now and it was under consideration since a very long time to upgrade the car for improved performance and handling. With this aim, I have been doing a lot of research on possible upgrades and started upgrading different areas over the period of time with proper planning and arrangement of parts. 

Below are some details of the upgrades / modifications I have done to my civic EX so far:

  • All body is in its original & perfect condition (Attached picture is speaking truth)
  • No paint job done except for bonnet. However the car needs re spraying by highly professional (whom I have not found so far)
  • JUN Type Front Bumper Lip
  • JDM rear Trunk spoiler
  • TYC Projection lamps at front
  • JDM Fog Lamps
  • Front seats are from a civic94 SiR with single support Head rest
  • Meter panel from civic SiR with redline @ 8200 as per engine specs
  • MOMO steering Wheel
  • Honda Integra Push Button Start
  • Spoon titanium gear knob
  • TEIN Type HA suspensions, 6-Way ground control coil overs à (Removed as the ride was uncomfortable although the handling was superb. I could feel  around the corners)
  • KONI Yellow Sports shock absorbers replaced TIEN's. à (KONI yellows have exceptional road holding & are combined with an acceptable level of comfort) Damping rate is adjustable on the fly externally which makes fine tuning even easier. Performance and handling is one thing, to make a car splendid, daily driver comfort is a factor that must be considered; it is not disregarded.
  • Tien Type S Teck Lowering springs (1.5" drop)
  • 4Wheel Disk Brake conversion (10.3" rotor @ front)
  • All round Integra Disc Brakes + Calipers
  • 15/16 ratio Master Cylinder + Double layer servo mechanism from Integra GSR SiR
  • 15" MonoBlock Taiwan Super Lightweight, Alloys + Yokohama S-Drive 195/55/R-15
  • Steering Rack from Integra GSR SiR
  • Front 24mm Sway Bar (civic TypeR)
  • Rear 14mm Sway Bar
  • Front Strut Bar from Integra GSR SiR
  • Rear Strut Bar (Spoon)
  • Rear lower tie bar (Beaks)
  • CUSCO Pillow ball mounts
  • JDM front cross bar (Reinforced Chassi)
  • Hawk Brake Pads (Has been replaced with OEM Pads as Hawk pads results in lot of dust)
  • Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings (front & rear suspension)
  • Liqui Moli Dot.4 Brake fluid (is regularly changed)

ICE - In Car Entertainment:
  • Pioneer head unit
  • Front components + rear speakers
  • 12 CD changer
  • Some more will be added soon
Power plant / Engine Bay:
  • Transplanted to B18c GSR SiR - 180hp
  • B18c Manual Gear Box with LSD.
  • VTEC Short Shifter with spoon gear knob
  • VTEC kicks inn @4400rpm
  • Secondary Butterfly valve opens @ 6000rpm (Max Power throughout the Rev Band)
  • 2.25" exhaust piping + 5Zigen Exhaust Muffler with 4 inch Tip
  • Free Cold Air Intake
  • K&N Air Intake Filter  à Tegiwa Free flow air induction kit will be installed soon
  • MSD Spark Plug Wires  à have been removed
  • TODA Racing timing belt + Tensioner
  • Liqui Moly Frictionless Treatment valid up to 50,000KM's. 
  • Walbro Fuel Pump. (115L)
The engine is in perfect condition. All internals are stock and i get the water dew at the exhaust every morning. NO modifications are done on the engine as the power/performance is pretty impressive stock standard. Some stats on the engine are as follows:

Make: Honda
Model: Integra
Engine code: B18C (GSR)
Displacement: 1797cc
Horse power: 180 @ 7600rpm
Torque: 128 lb-ft @ 6200rpm
Valve train: DOHC VTEC 1.8 Liter
Red line: 8200rpm (mine can push to max)
Mileage:  80k (v well maintained)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual LSD

This engine was imported from JAPAN and was extracted from Honda Integra half cut 1998 model. The donor Integra had 80K KMs mileage on the clock and service history of vtec professional. Luckily found it in the junk yard in Malaysia. The half cut cost me 3400 USD including the cost of shipment to Pakistan. The DC2 Integra (94-01 model)  chasse is based on civic 92~95. So the transplant was straight forward. No modifications were required. The B18C simply bolts on in civic92-95. However a lot have to be done with its wiring. I had uncut wiring with it. (A figure of some major expenses is as follows: Engine: $3400, Koni Yellows: $630, Tein Lowering springs: $115,  MOMO steering wheel: $230, K&N Air Intake filter: £68, Integra Push Button Start: £35, Energy suspension Bushing: $215, OEM Brake Pads: £70, Beaks Tie Bar $ 55 and many more in PKR as well which have not been taken into account)

This transplant was done precisely after a very long R&D on each and every aspect. A lot of money has been spent along with efforts. Honda's DOHC VTEC engines have always been a fascination to all Enthusiasts like me. Designed for practicality, it's one of the most recognized, favorite & best engine of all time. I actually had intentions to optimize the performance of my civic by keeping it a daily drivable, I considered and implemented all essential upgrades necessary to improve the performance, handling with reliability. It’s running perfectly fine since then. However the process of upgrades will continue.

Future Planned Upgrades:
  • Vinyl Wrap: I have planned to wrap the car with 3M vinyl. Vinyl color is not finalized yet. This project is planned to be started in Feb next year.
  • Brembo Brakes upgrade with 4 piston calipar & 11.4" rotor at the front and 2 piston calipers at rear. (will reduce stop distance to max)  à This solution is pretty expensive and the same goal could be achieved from Civic Type R brakes (17CL15NV). I have already arranged. Will install them soon.
  • Skunk 2 Stage1 CAM upgrade with High Performance Tuning (This upgrade will improve the performance by 20 to 30 HP with stock internals & without any harm to the engine)
  • 5Zigen Headers. (will improve the power by 5 to 10HP) 

Some more coming up soon:) You have to wait till then, enjoy till now.

Thank you for reading.


  1. i am impressed mind blowing work bro....i know u love ur car more than any thing....Bro i have 95 civic too,may i know from where u modified meter, is simple awesome...

    1. Hi Aftab,
      Thanks for the nice comments. Indeed i got this meter cluster, its not modified. This meter cluster is from the same JDM Civic SiR 2. I got it from Peshawar.

      Best Regards

  2. Thnx for responce Iftikhar...Brother my car rear shocks get bit harder can you please advice me regarding 95 suspention...which type of shocks will be good...i shall be thankfull to you